TMJ & Migraine Therapy

TMJ treatment1Dr. Rosen in particular has taken an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of “bite disease.” Signs and symptoms such as jaw joint pain, muscle tension, headaches, tooth wear, breakage or sensitivity and tooth clenching and/or grinding can be related to bite “mis-engineering”. After your comprehensive exam and diagnosis, Dr. Rosen might prescribe a bite splint.

This hard acrylic therapeutic device is fabricated to fit snugly over either your upper or lower teeth. It is then meticulously adjusted to fit as perfectly as possible against the opposing teeth. It will be re-evaluated periodically and adjusted until your bite stabilizes against it. Wearing the appliance is a time of discovery for both you and the Doctor. You will experience what a solid, stable bite feels like, and he will learn much about how your lower jaw functions against your upper teeth. It is very likely that many of the signs and symptoms you both discovered will diminish or even disappear. This is all valuable information for Dr. Rosen and gives insight into what your final treatment might look like. When the bite stabilizes on the appliance and the joints and muscles are comfortable, you will have experienced how your teeth might feel when your mouth is restored.

How long this takes depends on your situation and the signs and symptoms with which you start.

After the goals of comfort and stability have been accomplished, your own bite will be re-evaluated with new models of your mouth and Dr. Rosen will study these to determine what definitive treatment might be needed. As always, you will be involved in the process and your input will always be encouraged.

If you are experiencing migraines only the NTI device may be the treatment for you. Recently approved by the FDA for tension migraine headache therapy, the NTI works not only to stop related pain but also protect your teeth from excessive wear. Worn at night, the NTI is an incredibly small appliance that is custom fit over two of your front teeth. The device works by preventing contact of your back teeth and helping the bones and tissues in the TMJ to rest in the most stable position. For more information, please call our office or you may also visit

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