Laser Gum Therapy

Many individuals suffer from showing excessive or uneven amounts of gum tissue when they smile. This condition can greatly detract from having an otherwise great looking smile. With the technology available today, a “gummy smile” is no longer an obstacle for achieving an outstanding and aesthetic new look.

What causes a “gummy smile”? A variety of factors can cause an overgrowth of asymmetry of gum tissue. Genetics, medications, and poor oral health are the more common factors. In many instances, the gum tissue can predominate the smile, leaving the overall impression of seeing gums rather than teeth.

How do we correct a gummy smile? Using a soft tissue lasers like an artists’s brush, we can reshape the position and architecture of your gum tissue. With little or no anesthetic, the laser literally vaporizes the unwanted tissue. Patients can return to their work and regular activities immediately with full recovery in less than a few days.

We utilize the soft tissue laser in many different ways. In most all of our Smile Makeovers the gum tissue will be laser corrected for the ideal look. For periodontal or poor oral health conditions, the laser is used to remove tissue that traps bacteria around the teeth. Additionally, many oral lesions or ulcers can be treated with the laser in order to eliminate pain and speed recovery.