Our Younger Patients

Here at Daily Rosen Dentistry, we follow the recommendation of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that children should have their first dental visit by their first birthday.

We know your child is special to you and each child is an individual. As such, we strive to make sure their visits are unique to them and while we do allow parents in the treatment room with their child, we ask that you be a silent observer.

Before their visit, inform your child where they are going and be positive. Just as you strive to give them a comfortable home at home, we want to help them to be comfortable in their dental home too. A comfortable setting will help them develop a lifetime of good oral health. If you make their visit to our office seem fun and exciting, it will be!

Our reception room is set up with children in mind with age appropriate toys, video games and television. Our treatment rooms are relaxing, offering your child DVDs to watch on an overhead television. We have taken every step we can to make sure your child’s visit is a fun experience.

Once they are in the treatment room, our goal is for your child to have good dental health and our staff educates them with each visit on a level they can understand and learn from. It is our intention for every child to leave their appointment with a positive experience.

We strongly recommend that you keep your children on a schedule every six months so that we may keep observation of their dental development and watch for problems before they become serious. During these six month check ups, your child will receive a full oral exam, diagnosis of any dental concerns such as cavities or other issues, and a preventive cleaning.

During their appointment, we will not only do the cleaning but we will educate your child on the correct way to brush and floss. After that first initial visit, during their every six month check ups, a full set of x-rays will be done every three to five years and bite wing x-rays annually.

With a good dental hygiene routine at home and keeping regular visits with us at Daily Rosen Dentistry, your child will get started on a foundation of good dental health for the rest of their lives.