Complete Oral Healthcare

Our first and foremost goal is to ensure your complete oral health. Whether you need routine cleanings or comprehensive rehabilitation, our team of professionals is here to serve your best interest. We treat each of our patients as we would treat ourselves or members of our own family. From your first visit you will experience the difference in what clinical excellence, contemporary technique, and genuine caring is all about.

After getting to know you personally, our team will assess your complete oral health status. A full dental and periodontal evaluation will be performed. An oral cancer screening and TMJ assessment will also be included. Working together, the doctor and staff will recommend treatment if needed. With each individual there are always options for success. Our team will educate you on all of these options and ultimately help you make decisions for care that works BEST for YOU.

Your routine cleanings are everything but routine. We take great effort to spend all the time necessary to make your visits both enjoyable and beneficial. We do not rush patients in-and-out in order to increase our profits. We were founded on the premise of QUALITY not quantity. If you have spent time in an office where you barely saw the doctor or where the hygienist cleaned your teeth in 20 minutes we encourage you to see what you have been missing. In today’s dental industry there is a great difference in the level of care a patient can receive. Discounted or fast-paced offices may seem better on paper, however ultimately they are a disservice. We pledge never to compromise our high level of care, and always to serve our patients interests above all else.